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Category: Men's apparel

Units: 20

MSRP: $3649

Total Cost$219.80

Avg Cost$10.99

Shipping: $30

Condition: Inspected Customer Return

Season: Primarily Fall/Winter

Vendor: Honcho Wholesale

Location: Chicago, IL

Dimensions/Weight: 20x16x14

Payment: Credit/Debit at checkout

Note: We separate the bad from the good in these lots and test the items. There should be

Items included 1. All items in good shape 2. Some items with minor defects like makeup/dust which can be removed. These are marked in the manifest if there is a small defect like makeup which is washable in the laundry. The manifests will note any minor details.

Items removed 1. Completely damaged items 2. Items with irremovable stains or damages.


Calvin Klein Slim Fit Black Jacket Black 38R CK/PEERLESS CLOTHING INT'L $450.00
Hugo Boss Mens Slim-Fit Pin-Dot Jacket Blue 42L HUGO HUGO BOSS/HUGO BOSS FASHIONS $445.00
Bar III Mens Slim-Fit Brown Textured Brown 38R PEERLESS CLOTHING INTL/BAR III $425.00
Calvin Klein Suit, Navy Solid Slim Fit Navy 44L CK/PEERLESS CLOTHING INT'L $312.00
Nautica Mens Modern-Fit Solid Sport C Pink 46R NAUTICA/MARCRAFT CLOTHES INC $295.00
Bar III Mens Slim-Fit Linen Tan Suit Tan 42R PEERLESS CLOTHING INTL/BAR III $275.00
Tommy Hilfiger Mens Modern-Fit THFlex Stretc Grey 42R TOMMY HILFIGER/PEERLESS CLOTHING $180.00
Michael Kors Mens Hooded Bib Snorkel Coat Black M MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS/LF OUTERWEAR $159.99
Van Heusen Mens Slim-Fit Flex Stretch Bl Charcoal 40S VAN HEUSEN/PEERLESS CLOTHING INTL $150.00
Alfani Medium Blue PV Solid Slim-Fit Navy 33x32 ALFANI RED/PEERLESS CLOTHING $135.00
Bar III Mens Slim-Fit Tan Linen Suit Tan L PEERLESS CLOTHING INTL/BAR III $100.00
Calvin Klein Solid Slim-Fit Dress Pants Black 38x34 CK/PEERLESS CLOTHING INT'L $95.00
Calvin Klein Mens Skinny Fit Infinite Stre Black 32x30 CK/PEERLESS CLOTHING INT'L $90.00
Bar III Mens Slim-Fit Stretch Wrinkle Black 32x32 BAR III/PEERLESS CLOTHING $85.00
Bar III Mens Slim-Fit Stretch Wrinkle Blue 32x32 BAR III/PEERLESS CLOTHING $85.00
Perry Ellis Pant, Slim Fit Flat Front Black 34x32 PERRY ELLIS/SALANT CORPORATION $85.00
Michael Kors Flat-Front Dress Pants Charcoal 35x32 MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS/PEERLESS CLOTH $85.00
Perry Ellis Perry Ellis Dress Pants, Shark Charcoal 33x32 PERRY ELLIS/SALANT CORPORATION $85.00
Alfani Mens Slim-Fit Performance Str Grey 32x30 ALFANI RED/PEERLESS CLOTHING $56.50
Ryan Seacrest Distinction Mens Slim-Fit Stretch Prom Su Silver L VEST RYAN SEACREST/PEERLESS CLOTHING $56.00