How do I create an account?

Create an account with Honcho Wholesale by going to honchowholesale.com > Account > Sign up.


Do I need a resale certificate and do I have to pay sales tax?

No, you do not need a resale certificate to purchase from our website. Those without resale certificates or sales tax ID are welcome to do business with us. You will be charged sales tax at checkout.

If you have are sales tax exempt - meaning you have a Sales Tax ID, or Reseller license, please send a photo copy of the certificate and the number to our support e-mail. Typically the number is 8 digits and looks like 0000-0000. Some states have different numbers. If you would like to become sales tax exempt, register an EIN and your state's department of revenue for an ID.

If you do have a Sales Tax ID just E-mail: support@honchowholesale.com


I am an Illinois resident, what is a "Resale Certificate or Sales Tax ID"?

You can register for a Sales Tax ID here: https://mytax.illinois.gov/_/#2 and you will get a "Certificate of Registration" which looks like this:


How long do shipments typically take?

You should expect to get your package within 2-7 business days for cases.


What are typical shipping costs?

Cases sold by Honcho will typically cost $30 per case to ship. Some cases are $15-40 per box.

Call 1.800.915.8045 or email jasper@honchowholesale.com and we will get you the best shipping quote if ordering high quantity requiring pallet or truckload delivery. 


Do I need a commercial facility?

Cases can be sent to both commercial and residential addresses.

We prefer to send our pallets to commercial facilities. If you have a loading dock, it makes it cheaper and easier. 

We can also send pallets to residential addresses. You can expect to pay $100 for a residential delivery service charge.


What quantities do you sell by?

We offer cases, pallets, and truckloads.

Call 1.800.915.8045 or email jasper@honchowholesale.com to ask any questions.


What is an MSRP?

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. This is the original price recommended by manufacturers. Typically the price tag will state an MSRP. This does not correlate with market value.


What are your payment methods?

Our cases can be bought immediately by checking out with Credit Card when you add to cart and complete your order.

We can also process your payment with our credit card processor in person, over the phone, or manually when you receive an invoice by e-mail. 

Pallet and truckload orders can be processed via wire transfer ($20-$30 bank fee). Wire transfers through your bank are safe, fast, and cheap. 


Who is responsible for collecting payment?

The authorized representative to collect payments is Jasper Real.

Payments are to be made out to Honcho Wholesale (Elite Merchandisers Group LLC) via wire transfer. 

Payments collected by Credit Card will connect directly to Honcho Wholesale (Elite Merchandisers Group LLC). If you are invoiced by a sales rep, only make out payments to Honcho Wholesale or "Elite Merchandisers Group LLC" when you receive the invoice.

Do not make out payments to personal bank accounts or paypal accounts not associated with Honcho Wholesale (Elite Merchandisers Group LLC) as this is not authorized by our company.