Write Compelling Product Descriptions that Sell

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Write Compelling Product Descriptions that Sell


In the age of digitalization where you cannot really examine the things that you are purchasing online, written descriptions will be your best friend. Same goes when you are the one selling. To be able to write a good product description, you must put yourself in the buyer or customer’s perspective. What details do you want to know before buying a product?


Highlight benefits.

It’s easy to describe the item that you are selling physically. Chances are, these physical traits can already be seen on the photos that you provided on the online marketplace. When writing product descriptions, be sure to showcase how your product solves a particular problem of the customer. How will your product be a need to them? Think of ways on how you can implicitly persuade your viewer into going into your sales journey by showing them that you have the answer to their problem.


Provide as much details as needed.

This is where your physical and technical specifications have to be listed. Take note, customers will thank you when you give them everything they need to know before they even add to cart.

Product description details must include the following:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material used
  • Expiry date

Electronics must have other technical specifications such as voltage, battery-life, warranty details, and other specifications that might help the customer with their buying decision.


Be straight to the point.

Not everyone will have the time to read every word that you wrote in the product description. A lot of products listed online probably have the same product description, so how can you make yours stand out? Make it simple, yet straight to the point. You can use flowery words all day, but what matters it the message that you are telling your customers: they have a problem and you have the solution.


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