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What is seasonal selling and is it profitable?


If you are the type of seller who sells items that are usually in demand for only a couple of months or only at certain times of the year, you might be classified as a seasonal seller. Just as the name implies, sellers of this kind take advantage of different seasons during the year when their chosen product to sell is most wanted by the market. This is their way for business owners to adapt to changing market trends in hopes that they will gain most profit when their product is in demand. But is it really profitable and sustainable for small-scale entrepreneurs?

According to Rakuten, “Sourcing the right products by following trends and planning in advance of major events, seasonal changes, and holidays will enable you to maintain cash flow year-round and stay ahead of your competitors.” This is very true in terms of inventory management. If you are a seasonal seller, you must be very tedious and strategic when planning out your seasonal business.

Let’s look at the first and last quarter of the year and you will be enlightened on how you can make money during these times.

First Quarter – during the months of January, February, and March, businesses usually mark down their selling prices just as consumers are recovering from the shopping sprees that they had last December. Also, this is the time when gym memberships and workout clothing and items are most in demand. Admit it, you once enrolled in a gym hoping that you would fulfill your New Year’s Resolution, right? Also, this quarter is the season for Prom! Source your inventory only from trusted liquidators like Honcho Wholesale! Check out this clothing lot which is suitable for formal events like prom night!

Last quarter – October, November, and December are usually the busiest month all over the globe. Christmas is coming and Halloween had just finished. People are receiving bonuses from their companies so this is the best time to sell all sorts of products! From clothing to shoes, name it, you can sell it! You may sell through different channels too. Brick and mortar stores, garage sales, and online stores such as Poshmark and Amazon are blasted with gift items during this time. Consumers has the most buying power during this time of the year. Not only this, retail businesses roll out sales after sales, new product variants, and limited-edition items during this time. As a reseller, you must take advantage during this time by hopping on the trend!

However, there are also non-seasonal times that may pop up once in a while, and we are in one right now! This COVID-19 pandemic has birthed a significant number of resellers online. If you are wise enough, you might even make use of this time to resell essential items such as face masks, gloves, and alcohol!

If you are just planning to start your reselling business and don’t know where to start, try to figure out how to find a good supplier first. From there, you can find products that can cater to your niche!

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