Ways to save more money in Wholesale

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Ways to save more money in Wholesale

If you’re thinking that you’re already able to save tons of money when buying wholesale, think again. Yes, buying wholesale has its perks, and more. There are ways where you can still save more money when buying in bulk.

 1. Watch out for promos and discounts.

Liquidators usually hold promos throughout the season, so all you have to do is stay tuned on their social media sites to know when they are launching a promo. However, these wholesale promos may only apply to specific collections at any given time. Footwear collection will be on sale for 3 days, followed by beauty collection on the next 3 days. Simply stay updated and watch out for surprise sales!

 2. Consider picking up orders.

Even if ordering online and waiting for your package to arrive is an easy feat, you can save more money when you just pick up your order directly from the warehouse. However, this only applies to people who live in close vicinity to the warehouse of your liquidator. Save on huge shipping costs by arranging a pick up schedule with your sales representative. Plus, you will get to inspect the items firsthand before you take them home.

 3. Be aware of Tax Requirements.

Tax requirements from your home state may be different from others. Nevertheless, it’s still important to get a resale certificate or sales tax ID in whichever state you are in. As for Honcho Wholesale, if you are an Illinois resident, you will need to provide a resale certificate or sales tax ID to avoid paying sales tax. If you are not a resident of the state of Illinois, you do not have to pay sales tax. Check specific tax requirements with your local government for more precise information and instructions.

 4. Watch out for Scams!

Don’t get too excited when you see something that looks too cheap. If it’s cheap, the quality must also be cheap. If it looks too god to be true, it probably is. And as a buyer, it’s your responsibility to be cautious when purchasing online. Observe the way your liquidator approaches you and do some extensive research on their background. Check if their reviews are good, too.

 5. Ask for a discount!

There’s no simpler way to save money than just asking for a discount! You’ve got nothing to lose when you politely ask for a discount from your sales representative. Especially if you’re already established a good relationship with your liquidator, it’s easy to just ask!

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