Understanding Honcho's Product Conditions

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Understanding Honcho's Product Conditions


As a reseller that buys from liquidation companies like Honcho Wholesale, you will encounter terms such as customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, refurbished, brand new, and a lot more. But are you really sure about the condition of the products that you are getting?

Let us help you understand the different lot conditions.

  1. CUSTOMER RETURNS – this is by far one of the most common product condition there is. Just as the name implies, these are products that has been previously sold online or from the physical store, but has been returned by the buyer due to defects or changes in preference. While some stores have set “return policies” that they implement before accepting returned items, stores usually perform quality checks to ensure that items are not tampered with before they are sold to liquidation companies.


TIP: If you are planning to get customer return pallets, make sure to manage your expectations once you receive them. Since these items have been previously handled by another person for a period of time, there might be minor but less noticeable changes to the products as compared to being brand new. In some instances, tags may be missing, box or packaging may be slightly damaged, and there might be some marks or removable stains because of being tried on. But rest assured that Honcho Wholesale goes through each and every piece to perform quality check before being listed on the website.


  1. SHELF PULLS – items may be pulled out from physical retails outlets once in a while and sold to liquidation companies. These items may be recently discontinued models, out-of-season, or items that were simple not bought by customers for a long period of time. These are excess merchandise that were taken out of store stockrooms and has never been handled by any customer. Meaning these items have little to no defects aside from occasional packaging or handling imperfections.

TIP: Shelf pulls require less supervision and inspection from resellers since these are actually new merchandise that only has little to no noticeable flaws. If you are a new reseller or you have little time to inspect items before selling them, shelf pulls may be the best pick for you. These items are highly sellable!


However, if you choose to buy from liquidation companies like Honcho Wholesale, take every purchase with a grain of salt. Minor and tiny defects might still find their way through your order without us knowing, but rest assured that Honcho Wholesale is ALWAYS dedicated in providing a high quality wholesale selection to online re-sellers. Everything we do is to create transparency. We like to keep everything as honest and straight forward as possible. Our unboxings, manifests, photos, and customer service are held to a high standard for accuracy.


One way to know what’s included in a pallet or lot is by checking the Manifest. Stay tuned on Wednesday as we study on how to properly read a Manifest!

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