Things NOT to do when selling online

Things NOT to do when selling online

Online sellers all have their fair share of blunders whether you are a newbie or an experienced one. Yes, there are a lot of resources online that you can read and learn about selling products on a particular platform, but there are thing that you really have to discover on your own selling journey. And sometimes, you are bound to make mistakes along the way and you need to learn from those mistakes.

So let’s jump right in and get started.


1.  Not knowing what you are selling.

As a seller, it’s very important that you know your product from the heart so you can effectively market them to your audience. Are you selling baby toys? Do some research and check if a particular item has a choking hazard, or for what age is that toy suitable for. Knowing your product lets you showcase its benefits more effectively than other people. Rather than simply listing a product online and immediately expecting sales to rise, take some time to research about your product or service and your target market as well. How will your offering give value to customers? How will your product make their life better and easier?

2.  Not promoting.

Simply listing a product online and not putting the effort to promote them is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do as an online seller. You need to attract people and get their attention so that they can see what you are offering. There are online marketing tools available such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, search engine optimization, social media and other marketing techniques that you can utilize so you are sure that your product will be seen by your target audience in the right spot. Online marketing is very easy to do nowadays because the internet has an unlimited amount of resources where you can learn and apply to your business. You just have to make time, exert effort, and have the guts to actually apply them.

3.  Having a messy checkout process.

Ever visited a website that leaves you very confused and you end up not doing the purchase? Perhaps their photos aren’t appealing, there are too many buttons, too much elements in a single web page, or their checkout process is all over the place. These are the kinds of websites that you must NEVER aspire to be. If you offer products that are a little bit pricier, try to offer layaway payment options. This way, your customers will be more enticed to buy since they know that they are able to purchase without shelling out too much cash in one single upfront payment. Try to personally experience your online selling platform and meticulously criticize which areas you can improve on. Try making a mock purchase from your site and record how easy or how hard it was.

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4.  Giving up easily.

Giving up should be your very last resort, even in other things, not just in online selling. Don’t expect that you will be getting a sale just after one day of posting. Combine all good practices that you have learned from your experience and from online resources as well. If plan A doesn’t work, there’s still a lot more letters on the alphabet. Hone your skills and consistently aim to be better every day!

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