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Anyone looking to break into the retail clothing industry should learn how to get the best deals for their fledgling business. While you may enjoy the thrill of hunting for specific pieces, unless you plan to sell vintage clothing exclusively, buying in bulk is a smart move. If you learn to navigate the world of wholesale purchasing, you will have a most useful skill and a thriving business. Read below for some places to find large quantities of clothing for resale. Search eBay for great auction deals. Look for the terms "lot" or "lots." These auctions are for multiple items...

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How to Sell Quickly on Poshmark   When I started selling on Poshmark several years ago, I was lucky in that I made several sales shortly after starting my closet. My things sold quickly, so I didn’t experience the struggle of trying to make sales. I think part of the reason was that there were fewer sellers at the time, so my items didn’t have as much competition. Cue to the present and things are different. Poshmark has grown and it’s much more competitive to make sales. I get emails and see postings from people every day asking how to...

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