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So you’re looking to build you clothing inventory, but don’t want to dish out a ton of money? Thats doable! Below are 5 ways of finding cheap clothing inventory to stock up your store. 1.Thrift store sale days are a must for cheap clothing inventory Knowing sale days at thrift stores are key in finding cheap inventory. My local Salvation Army, and other ones in my vicinity, have .49 Mondays. As a way of clearing out their store, they put their oldest tag on sale for .49. During these sales I get a lot of good clothes to resell, and even if I...

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As much as I love living frugally, I love having two side hustles of selling thrifted clothes online and blogging to help me earn income towards my financial goals. Moreover, I’m excited to share what I learn from these side hustles with you to help you achieve your goals too. Last month, I posted 22 things to do when your items aren’t selling. This was specifically in response to a drought in selling that I faced recently and I know everyone who sells faces from time to time. Today I want to delve into one of those tips in more...

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