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The backbone of being a good reseller is being able to find a good liquidation supplier. They provide for a reseller’s inventory which at a lower and discounted price, especially when bought in bulk like pallets or cases. But as a reseller, it can be difficult to find a good supplier for your business since you have to meticulously assess the reputation of the supplier that you are looking for. Fret not! We’ve listed down 3 qualities of a good liquidation supplier for your reselling business. 1.    Reliable and Secure As an entrepreneur, you will definitely be dealing with multiple supplier...

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Let us help you understand why you should pay attention to the manifest.

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 Just like as what we have mentioned in the previous blog, this article will dissect the parts of a Honcho Liquidation Manifest and ways on how it can help you grow your reselling business. But first, let’s understand what is a manifest all about. To simplify, this document lists down all vital information that you need to know such as size, quantity, manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), brand, UPC code, and other specific data pertaining to items included in the wholesale lot.   UPC – means Universal Product Code. This is usually printed on a product’s retail label or tag....

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