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We’ve talked about Merchandising Tips for Discount stores. Now, we will help you stand out among the many product listings on whichever online selling platform that you use. These practical tips can be easily adapted to help you attract more potential buyers.   Take High Quality Photos and videos – there’s no doubt that photos really do mean a lot for online platforms. Having good quality and highly appealing photos are a must when it comes to online listings since these are the first things that a buyer will look at. When taking photos, make sure to showcase all good...

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  The average person spends about 144 minutes per day on Facebook based on a study in 2019. In North America, people spends just a little about 2hrs. and in South America, almost 3 and  half hours! And this duration has been increasing ever since social media apps are being developed over time. It’s no surprise since social media platforms are now included in everyone’s daily routine since it’s no longer just for sharing photos and updates anymore. You can do more than just updating your status and uploading photos. Just in Facebook alone, you can watch live news, hold...

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