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KNOW THE PRODUCTS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SELL Before heading out to purchase inventory, it is important to get familiar with the types of products you can sell as an Amazon seller. When you first get started, some brands and categories of products will be off limits. This happens because Amazon places restrictions on certain items. As you continue and grow in your business, you can add more categories and brands by getting approval from Amazon. The good news is that there are millions of products that you can sell on Day One without any restrictions at all. New sellers...

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How to Sell Quickly on Poshmark   When I started selling on Poshmark several years ago, I was lucky in that I made several sales shortly after starting my closet. My things sold quickly, so I didn’t experience the struggle of trying to make sales. I think part of the reason was that there were fewer sellers at the time, so my items didn’t have as much competition. Cue to the present and things are different. Poshmark has grown and it’s much more competitive to make sales. I get emails and see postings from people every day asking how to...

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