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Find a nerdy niche. I don’t mean nerds in the sense that I go around shoving my customers into lockers.  I mean find a sub product category that a group of people are crazy passionate about. Once you’re ready to pinpoint your target audience with an item they can’t live without, the more ‘sub’ you can go within that product category, the stronger your empire gets. This is how you find an Amazon product you can scale at massive levels. Example: My business partner and I dove in headfirst, and found programmable baby bottle warmers as a product.  Where did we get...

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(aka: how to bank on the busts of retailers and manufacturers) Customer returns of clothing, shoes, and accessories are at an all-time high: tens of billions of dollars worth of inventory get returned each year, most of which can’t go back on store shelves. But one retailer’s headache is a Poshmark seller’s opportunity: there has never been a better time to think about buying returned or overstock name-brand and luxury fashion to resell. Here are some tips on what you should look out for when buying customer returns and excess merchandise to resell on Poshmark. Online auction marketplaces to help...

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How to Sell Quickly on Poshmark   When I started selling on Poshmark several years ago, I was lucky in that I made several sales shortly after starting my closet. My things sold quickly, so I didn’t experience the struggle of trying to make sales. I think part of the reason was that there were fewer sellers at the time, so my items didn’t have as much competition. Cue to the present and things are different. Poshmark has grown and it’s much more competitive to make sales. I get emails and see postings from people every day asking how to...

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