Should I promote my business on Facebook?

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Should I promote my business on Facebook?


The average person spends about 144 minutes per day on Facebook based on a study in 2019. In North America, people spends just a little about 2hrs. and in South America, almost 3 and  half hours! And this duration has been increasing ever since social media apps are being developed over time. It’s no surprise since social media platforms are now included in everyone’s daily routine since it’s no longer just for sharing photos and updates anymore. You can do more than just updating your status and uploading photos. Just in Facebook alone, you can watch live news, hold meetings, and most importantly, you can sell.

Facebook has positively impacted the online business community through its advertising. But do you really need to advertise on Facebook and will it bring good results to your business? Read on to know.

  1. Your audience is on Facebook!

According to Lyfe Marketing, 80% of internet users are using Facebook. From this number, a diverse demographics also belong such as age, gender, location, interest, behavior, and likes. There are groups of people with the same interests that you can target in order to reach the people that you intend to sell your products to. Use this as a tool to reach and communicate with your audience and promote your business to them.


Are you selling kitchen equipment? Target the food industry and moms who like to cook. Selling camping tools? There are camping groups on Facebook that might be interested! Facebook is a wonderful place to let users know that your business exists!


  1. It’s simple enough for the average person to use.

It can be as easy as signing up or logging in to your business page, setting up Ads Manager with your preferred payment method, and you can start setting up the campaign that you want to roll out. If you’re concerned about graphics and marketing materials that you have to use, online tools such as Canva offers an overwhelming array of free to use and customizable designs which are also optimized for Facebook. Tutorials and step-by-step guides are also widely available on the internet for you to use to start your Facebook Campaign creation.


  1. You set your advertising budget.

Unlike traditional advertising efforts, Facebook advertising lets you set the budget that you are willing to spend. You can spend as little as $10 per day, or as much as $500 per day if you like. The sky is the limit. This is good for those of you who are just testing the waters to see if Facebook advertising will benefit your online business.

  1. Your competitors might be on Facebook!

Yes, you read it right. Since Facebook is a highly effective way of growing your business, chances are your competitors are also using the social media platforms to promote their business. And what good does it bring you? You can use this technique to discreetly observe what your competitors are doing and what types of campaign they are using to increase reach their audience.


These are just some positive reasons why you should consider advertising on Facebook, but the decision is for you to decide. Got any other tips that you want to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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