Set yourself apart from the competition!

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Set yourself apart from the competition!


We’ve talked about Merchandising Tips for Discount stores. Now, we will help you stand out among the many product listings on whichever online selling platform that you use. These practical tips can be easily adapted to help you attract more potential buyers.


  1. Take High Quality Photos and videos – there’s no doubt that photos really do mean a lot for online platforms. Having good quality and highly appealing photos are a must when it comes to online listings since these are the first things that a buyer will look at. When taking photos, make sure to showcase all good aspects of the product that you are selling.


Find a spot with good lighting and just the right amount of brightness in order to capture crisp photos. If you are selling clothing items, you can even have a model or a mannequin where you can put the clothes. This way, potential buyers will have a good grasp on how the item will look like when worn. As for videos, unboxings are a great way to give customers a little sneak pea into what’s coming next.


  1. Add some Freebies – buyers will truly appreciate it then you think about them. Adding some freebies such as smaller trinkets, a thank-you note, or a discount voucher will let customers feel that they are well-taken care of even after placing an order. Just make sure that you are not adding too much to an order. Smaller and much cheaper items can be used as a freebie, depending on the main item that you are selling. You wouldn’t add a lipstick when you are selling car parts right?


  1. Always keep in touch – 2020 has been extra hard for everyone, customers and sellers alike. Almost all of us has been affected by the sudden change in our everyday lives. You are lucky if your business is still up and running. Keep in touch with your customers and get their feedback. This gives them a sense of appreciation and makes them feel important.


  1. Marketing is Key – do you have a logo or catchy name that your customers can easily remember? When selling on online marketplaces, make sure you stand out from all other listings by having a solid branding. Your visuals should match your target market. Test multiple branding techniques to see which ones work best for your brand and target market.


  1. Be seen and heard – venturing into digital marketing is one of the best techniques especially in our time today. Most purchases are now being made online, so as an entrepreneur, you must be where your customers are. Make yourself known by running online ads especially on Facebook and Instagram. Analytics of these online platforms will greatly help you strategize on your next move. The more a customer sees your brand online, it will be easier for them to recall your brand, hence, catching their attention and encouraging them to buy from you.


Have any other tips that you want to add? Leave them in the comments below! Also, let us know what articles or topics you want to see next.

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