Inventory Sourcing Ideas for Holiday 2020

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Inventory Sourcing Ideas for Holiday 2020


How many of you are feeling the holiday season already? It’s okay if you aren’t feeling the holiday spirit yet since this pandemic has put the entire world into a huge slowdown.  But you know what fun about the holidays is? Gifts! The tradition of gift-giving is still alive even up to this day despite of all the losses and economic drawbacks that the world has encountered. As a reseller, what are you planning to sell for the holiday season? Do you have your own stash of seasonal items that you’re ready to pull out and display on your shelves? If not, don’t worry. Here are some inventory sourcing ideas that you may want to check out for your own store.


1.   Stocking stuffers

Sometimes, it can be really hard to find something small that can fir those tiny little Christmas Stockings. You cannot fit a whole shoe box in there right? So you’ll be constrained to find something tiny yet useful like nail polishes, tech gadgets, beauty items, small toys, stationery items, and other small gift items that can fit inside the stockings. Don’t worry about not giving a large gift since Christmas season is not about the amount or size of gift that you give, it’s about the thought and well wishes that comes with the gift!


2.   Electronics Accessories

The pandemic has caused most of workplaces to adapt into the work-from-home set up. This is why people are always on the hunt for tech and electronic accessories that can make their lives easier and workplaces prettier while under a stay-at-home order. People has been on the lookout for webcams, speakers, microphones, mobile stands, and phone cases. This is a good gift ideas to give for family and friends. Just take note of what gadget they are currently using and be mindful if they are mentioning something that they have been planning to purchase.


3.   Home Cleaning Items

There’s no better way to let people know that you love them by giving home cleaning items such as disinfectant sprays, room sprays, alcohol and sanitizers, and others. If you have a little bit more budget, you can consider gifting cleaning gadgets such as a robot vacuum which is popular right now since people are obsessed with making their house clean and spotless.

4.   Scented Candles

If you have been gifting scented candles even before this pandemic started, then we advise you to just continue giving them out. Everyone has no other places to go besides their homes, aside from the quick grocery run every once in a while. This is the perfect time give out anything that will make their places smell like the spa.

5.   Online Shopping Gift Cards

This is by far the most efficient gift idea that you can think of this 2020. Online shopping has drastically increased right after stay-at-home orders are enforced all across the globe. That’s why it’s a wise choice to give a gift card from your loved one’s favorite shopping boutique. You’ll be showing them that you care for them by encouraging them to shop from home!

How about you? What gift ideas are you planning to sell this 2020? Comment them below!

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