Improve Customer Satisfaction with these Tips

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Improve Customer Satisfaction with these Tips

As the old saying goes, “Customer is always right.” While many entrepreneurs and business owners argue that this saying is one-sided., there are many other people who really takes this into consideration especially when they are plotting out their sales and marketing process. What’s true is that customers can make or break your business because they are fundamentally what keeps you running.


So how do you keep them happy? Read on to find out simple yet effective ways to improve customer satisfaction.


  1. Improve Online Social Media Presence

This is not for vanity purposes, rather, improving your social media presence lets you interact and engage with your customers and potential buyers. Even social media applications nowadays have some sort of selling feature already embedded in their newest updates. Facebook and Instagram only used to be an avenue for sharing photos and status updates, but now, you can integrate your online or physical store into them, making it accessible for customers. This can also be a perfect way to share announcements, promos, or updates to your followers.

  1. Improve User Interface


Have you ever visited a website that’s not only difficult to navigate, but also gives off the impression that transacting with them is not safe? Think of your online store as the face of your business. How it’s constructed heavily impacts the overall user experience for website visitors. Are your Menus visible and accessible? Do you have a Contact Us page where they can reach you when they have queries? How about the colors? Are they complementary and aesthetically pleasing or are they clashing? These are just some minor things that you should take into consideration. What’s more important is how credible your website or online shops look, which leads us to the next point.


  1. Offer various secure payment methods.

We have mentioned ways on how to  avoid being scammed. But as an online seller, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are offering only safe and secure payment channels for your customers.  The most common ones are Paypal, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or American Express. You can also expand your selection of payment methods such as Stripe, Square, or Masterpass by Mastercard. Just make sure that you are compliant with all finance and money-related governing bodies for your and your customer’s security.

  1. Follow through!

The customer journey doesn’t end with sales. Getting feedback or review is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs. But following through with your customers even after they make a purchase is just as important. They let you know their experience with your sales process, and you can also ask them for suggestions on how you can improve your business in the future.

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