How to take Good Photos for Online Selling

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How to take Good Photos for Online Selling

Aside from the price, photos are the first thing that a customer sees whenever they search for a product online. This is because photos show that you as a seller is trustworthy enough to showcase your products to let everyone know that indeed, you are selling the product onhand. Photos is also the perfect way to showcase the best features of your product, but the flaws as well.

However, not every seller is knowledgeable about taking good quality photos. Everyone can take photos, but not everyone can take high quality ones that will win the sale. You might think that product photography is as easy as shoot and click, but there’s more to this task. Several tools and equipment are needed to take high quality photos that won’t ruin the product’s features.

You don’t need to buy that top of the line DSLR camera to take high quality photos, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re just on a budget. To take good quality photos without breaking the bank, here are some tips:

Prepare the following beforehand:

  1. Plain-colored background
  2. Tripod or any sturdy and steady stand
  3. Camera or smartphone
  4. Lights

First thing that you need to do is assess if your product can be photographed indoors or outdoors. Smaller items such as clothes, gadgets, toys, and other general merchandise can be photographed indoors without the need for a wide space. On the other hand, larger items such as grillers, home appliances, dining sets, and other bigger home goods is advisable to be photographed outdoors. From there, you need to find a plain background for your items. It can be a plain wall or window or you can also improvise to have a clear and plain background. This way, the customer’s view will be focused just on your product and not on any clutter in the background.

Second, set up your tripod in a linear view of your product. If you don’t have a tripod, don’t worry. Just find something that you can place your camera on top of. It should not be wobbly and must be perfectly steady in order to get a clear shot of your product.

Probably the most important tool that you need to have is a good camera or smartphones. You don’t need to have the top of the line camera, just a smartphone with a good camera will do. Smartphones where you can adjust exposure, brightness, and aperture is better so you can play around with the final resolution to see what fits your product best

For lighting, you can opt for natural lighting. Go outdoors and setup your photography equipment there and get a chance to use sunlight as your lighting. If you have the luxury of some money, you can invest in some soft boxes or ring light to give your photos a balanced look.

Shooting product photos is highly versatile and you can play around the final look depending on your product. If you are selling clothes, you can use a mannequin for example. Add accessories such as belts or bags so your customers fully see its beauty.

Just don’t forget to take shots of your product’s flaws, if there’s any. This is for transparency and your customers will thank you for doing this.

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