How to sell Items FAST on Poshmark – Part 1

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How to sell Items FAST on Poshmark – Part 1


We learned that a lot of our Honcho partners are selling on Poshmark. Why not we talk about tips and tricks on how to sell items fast? Assuming that you’re an existing seller on Poshmark, chances are you are already familiar with the platform and you’re already getting some sales. But we all want to ramp up our business right?


Today, we will give you some tips on how sell items FAST on Poshmark.


  1. Look and observe the market – since Poshmark is one of the leading online marketplaces with over 4 million users worldwide, the online selling platform can be saturated with clothing items, sporting goods, and general merchandise items. If you are a new seller but want to sell fast and get quick profits, watch Poshmark trends and see what items are currently on trend and try to sell these items. People will tend to but things that are trending and in demand.


TIP: One of the best ways to learn what’s trending is by reading the Poshmark Blog.

                Poshmark frequently rolls out resources or blogs for their readers and user. They often feature other Poshmark sellers and give out information on what pieces are currently best-selling. By this alone, you can easily identify which items people want. Hop on to that trend and watch your listing sell out in no time.


  1. Take stylish photos – if you’re still posting photos of clothing items that are simply on a hanger, stop it right now. Viewers are not and will not be enticed by plain photos of your listings. Take your time to visit other people’s stores and see what styles and concepts they are doing for their photos. You do not need to have a full blown photography session just to have good-looking photos

TIP: Use something from your own closet to pair with the item that you are selling


Selling a certain dress? Don’t simply hang it on a hanger and then post it online. Lay it flat on the floor, cinch the waist, add some accessories such as a purse or sandals. Showcase how your main piece will go with other clothing items. This technique will also give your customer an idea on how they can style the piece and will invite them to purchase.


  1. Join the Poshmark Community – a thing that sets Poshmark apart from other online marketplaces is its Poshmark Community. They host Posh Parties which is a great tool for users to interact and exchange ideas at any given period. This is also a nice way to engage with other users since you can “re-share” their listings, thus giving you a chance to grow your own followers! Take advantage of this and see how this can help your closet on Poshmark. By showing yourself and getting involved, you may gain attention and attract customers into buying your items.


Got any Poshmark selling tips? Comment below and we might feature them next week on Part 2!


  • Hombre

    1. Share your closet 3x daily.
    2. “ENL” (edit-next-list) your listings daily.
    3. Create a brand/personality that sets your closet apart.
    4. Send out immediate offers on item Likes.
    5. SHARE SHARE SHARE other Poshers. Your profile shows the number of Shares and Poshers with low share numbers get no love.

  • Charlotte

    Randomly hold a sale! Make a sale sign and post it at the top of your closet! I did 50% off this past Sunday, then extended it to Monday because people were buying! Time for new inventory!!!

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