How to make a good lasting impression with your customers

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How to make a good lasting impression with your customers

Let’s admit, we all want to be well liked by everyone whether it be in our personal lives or business-wise. That’s why we strive to acquire the latest gadgets, wear good branded clothes, and drive top-of-the-line cars. This is also very true even in the business scope. Well, who wouldn’t want to be liked especially by customers, right? But sometimes, being nice to your customers is simply not enough. As a business-owner, more effort is needed to stay on top of the competition.

If you want to make a good lasting first impression to your customers, follow these simple yet useful tips:

1.      Know and Value your Customers.

The first step in making a good lasting impression is by taking your time in knowing your customers. You do not need to individually stalk each of your customers’ personal background. Studying and conducting extensive research on the demographics of your target market pays off especially when you use the data to your advantage. Pay attention on the topics that your customers want to discuss about by closely keeping track of the questions that they throw at you. Try to predict and give a solution to their problem even before they tell you what they need.

2.      Stay connected even after the Sale is made.

                Once the sale or purchase is made, don’t stop there. Don’t let the customer feel like you’re just being nice to them because you want something from them. Customer retention can be gained once customers feel that they are valued even after the sale. Do a reasonable amount of follow up and ask customers how they found your products or services. Maybe ask for a feedback or honest review. Send them a quick little “Thank you” email or a follow up a few days after they made the sale. This is a simple trick that can nurture your customers and make them feel valued.

3.      Personalize the way you communicate.

                Let’s get it out of there. No one wants to talk to a robot! Imagine yourself looking for answers and you need to speak with a real person, but all a business owner or seller does is send out automated responses that are annoying and cannot fully answer your questions most of the time. Yes, automations are one way of utilizing technology, but it can never replace true communications from real people. If you are talking with a customer, address them properly and establish rapport. This is to show respect to your customers as well. Once you’ve established a good relationship with them, it will be easier to tap them again in the future for upselling.

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