How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2019

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How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2019

Find a nerdy niche.

I don’t mean nerds in the sense that I go around shoving my customers into lockers.  I mean find a sub product category that a group of people are crazy passionate about. Once you’re ready to pinpoint your target audience with an item they can’t live without, the more ‘sub’ you can go within that product category, the stronger your empire gets. This is how you find an Amazon product you can scale at massive levels.

Example: My business partner and I dove in headfirst, and found programmable baby bottle warmers as a product. 

Where did we get that from? We started with home goods. 

Who’s buying these home goods? Women. 

What kind of women? Moms. 

And not even all moms, moms with babies that still take a bottle. If you’re counting along, that’s three levels of refinement down from where we started. That’s the kind of digging you need to do to be successful on Amazon. Getting down into those sub categories means you’ll have fewer competitors. Once you know exactly who you want to buy your product, you’ll immediately be miles ahead of the sellers that only know that they want customers in general.

Find horrible listings.

Set aside your goodwill, get extra judgey, and find the ugliest, least appealing listings you possibly can. Low quality photos are a good indicator, especially if there’s only one. Look at their product description. Something that’s short, with no keywords or anything to really grab attention—that’s part of an ugly listing. If their product title is bland as well, that’s another major loss for them.

What do these ugly listings tell you? If there are a lot of them, and they’re actually doing some business despite looking like hot garbage, that means that this niche is just begging for your quality listings to take over those spots. Their losses equal your win.

Find massive demand (sales/day)

Hands down, the AmazeOwl software is responsible for making me money on Amazon more than any other software. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll see that I shout them out often, and it’s not because we have any kind of deal, it’s that they’re just that good. Type in your ideal product, and they’ll show you the storefronts you’re going to be trying to kick down the ranks—the ones that moving 15+ units per day. AmazeOwl will also show you your competition’s numbers: daily sales. If the number is high and the listings are ugly, that’s a prime example of an area you can dominate.

Find seasonal boosts (boosts ranking)

I’ll start this point backwards by telling you the tool to use before explaining the method. Keepa is a Google Chrome browser extension I highly encourage you to get. It tells you how many offers are on any given listing, what the prices are for sales on those listings, and what their Best Seller Ranking is. The lower a number the BSR is, the higher the sales (1 is at the top). High spikes indicate surges in sales. Launching your products during their high season surge is going to ensure you have the best launch possible. 

Remember, every item is seasonal to some extent, even if it doesn’t seem like it on first glance. I sell a lot of coffee mugs. But even though people drink coffee year-round, sales peak during the winter due to more people wanting hot drinks and utilitarian Christmas gifts. Therefore, if you were launching a specialized coffee mug, the ideal time to do launch is when it starts getting cold. Faster sales mean higher ranks. Higher ranks mean you can keep riding a wave of profitability as your listing rises to the top of the search results. Believe me, you want that.

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