How can customer feedback help you?

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How can customer feedback help you?

Doing business is always a 2-way process. It doesn’t always have to end in making a sale, not even making a follow up. One of the most important aspects of business is people, and for this particular topic, your customers or clients. Without them, your business will be spiraling down because they’re basically your lifeblood. Sad thing is, customer feedback is often overlooked by business owners because they think that once they make a sale, that’s it.

Maybe because acquiring feedback can be time-consuming and difficult especially if you’re selling larger goods such as electronics, appliances, furniture, and the like. You would have to give your customers a little bit more time to personally use the product before they can give you their comments. Unlike fast-moving consumer goods such as basic commodities and merchandise items that you can ask for feedback after just a day of purchase.

But how important is customer feedback and how will it help you improve your business?

1.    It gives you unbiased information on your products.

Admit it, you sometimes tried to hard-sell your product only because, well, it is your product and you believe in it. Chances are you can entice others to take interest in you products too. As a seller, you would only say good things about your product in order to make a sale. This is why getting feedback from a real customer’s point of view is very important because they will only give you comments about their user experience and how you product affected or improve their life.          

You will better understand your customers and this way, you can improve your business and make some adjustments that can improve the customer’s overall experience.

2.    Lets you connect and engage with buyers.

Your customers are human and they need social interaction in order to stay connected. Same goes with business. Sometime, just a simple email for follow up is all it takes to get them involved in your business. Taking your time to reach out to customers make them feel like that they have a vital role and their opinions matter. There are a lot of ways that you can engage with your customers through feedbacks. You can make use of email campaigns, social media engagements, surveys, emails, and more!


3.    Gather action points from good feedback.

 This is by far the most useful reason why you should gather customer feedback. Every business, no matter how successful it is, will always have room for improvement. Through feedbacks, customers can let you know what they liked or did not like on your products. Did the product make a huge impact on their daily life? Was it able to solve a problem? How did they find your buying process? Is your customer support responsive? These are things that you should be taking note of since these are things that matter to your customers. Feedbacks can help you strategize and improve your business and possibly improve customer retention in the long run.

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