Guide when buying Wholesale Clothing – PART 2

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Guide when buying Wholesale Clothing – PART 2


And we're back for part 2 of our blog entitled Guide when buying wholesale clothing. How are you applying Part 1 so far? For this blog, we will be discussing three more tips to guide you when buying wholesale clothing.

 3. Know your limits in ordering wholesale.

When buying wholesale, of course you will be getting around 10 to 20 pieces of clothing items per package. Make sure have enough storage space to store clothing items away from direct sunlight and anything that might destroy the quality of the clothing pieces that you have. Buy only what you are sure that you can sell to avoid overstock.


TIP: When you buy a wholesale lot, make sure to go through each and every clothing piece included and sort what items you want to keep for yourself. After that, go through each and every piece left and determine what items you want to sell. The goal of this one is to make sure that you the only be selling items you are sure that will be bought by your customers.

 4. Study the return policy of your supplier.

When buying online, you won't be able to inspect and check each and every condition of the item that you are buying, that's why it's important to study the return policy of your supplier. This is for your protection so that you are sure that you are getting what you paid for. This is a very crucial step when ordering anything online, not just wholesale clothing. Return policies states how long you can return the items for. Some suppliers only accept returns within five days of purchasing, so if you haven't returned your order within that time frame, you will not be able to give back the items anymore, which will give you more overstock. This leads us to the last guide when buying wholesale clothing online

 5. Get only from reputable suppliers.

You should only be getting your inventory from reputable suppliers. But how do you know if a supplier is reputable or not? You have to check for positive reviews. Review platform such as Trustpilot is available for you to check what other customers are saying about your supplier. Social media presence and an active and responsive customer support this is essential so that buyers like you will have the chance to communicate with the customer support before and after placing an order. Reputable suppliers also must have a clearly manifested lot. Read more about lot manifest in this article.

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