6 Traits of a Successful Reseller

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6 Traits of a Successful Reseller


Online businesses are booming nowadays. More and more people are hopping on this thriving industry with the goal of raking in profit in the shortest time possible and with less resources to start with. Being an online reseller if easy, but being a successful one, that’s another story. It requires a great amount of dedication and hard work in order to get the results that you want.

As a matter of fact, you must first assess yourself to know if you are fit to be an online seller. Here are 6 traits that you must possess in order to become a successful reseller:


  1. Creative

Online selling means you have to comply with the changing demands of customers every single day. Online selling platforms also have different listing specifications that you need to follow. Listing guides are widely available on the platform that you have chosen. For example, this article from Poshmark has tips that you can follow to make sure that your product posting is eye-catching and has good descriptions. You can easily look for tips and tricks on how to take creative product photos and write compelling product descriptions so your listing will stand out from others.


  1. Resilient

Most businesses are bound to get into bumps along the way. This is why successful resellers are resilient and has a tough attitude. You shouldn’t let a single mistake take over you, right? You can’t easily give up just because you got some bad reviews. Instead, you should use this situation to learn and make adjustments on how you run your business.


  1. Has good negotiation and communication skills

This should be no surprise for aspiring resellers. In any business, there will always be some negotiation that you have to face. During the start of your business, you will be dealing with possible suppliers and partners and you will have to discuss necessary things. Of course, you will also need to communicate with customers during the buying process. As a successful reseller, you need to master these skills to ensure that you have clear and beneficial discussions.


  1. Honest and Responsible

This is an important trait to have whether or not you are in the reselling business. A successful entrepreneur should be responsible enough to admit mistakes (if you’ve done one!). Being responsible and honest also means not manipulating customers into buying your products. Some resellers result into manipulation especially if they’re desperate for their business to grow fast. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful fast, but it should be done in the right and honest way.


  1. Social Media Savvy

Being in the online business means having to deal with social media every day. You will need to promote your business or brand through various social media platforms in order to gain maximum exposure and engagement from your target market. Not all social media platforms are the same. Each one of them has different trends and algorithms that you need to study to gain most benefits from your social media marketing efforts.


  1. Good at numbers

Lastly, as a business-owner, you need to be good with numbers. Strategic pricing, setting target profits, tracking social media insights, all these things requires being comfortable with great amounts of numbers. Not only literal digits, but you must be determined and confident enough to meet all quantitative goals that you have set for your business.


Entering the online business world is not an easy feat. Prepare yourself and make sure to follow best practices that you learn. Got any other tips for our fellow Honchos? Share them in the comments below!

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