5 ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and Poshmark

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5 ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and Poshmark

So you’re looking to build you clothing inventory, but don’t want to dish out a ton of money? Thats doable! Below are 5 ways of finding cheap clothing inventory to stock up your store.

1.Thrift store sale days are a must for cheap clothing inventory

Knowing sale days at thrift stores are key in finding cheap inventory. My local Salvation Army, and other ones in my vicinity, have .49 Mondays. As a way of clearing out their store, they put their oldest tag on sale for .49. During these sales I get a lot of good clothes to resell, and even if I only sell each piece for $10, thats still a huge profit margin. Just make sure there aren’t any defects by checking them over carefully. Check out my previous post about mistakes not to make when thrifting for clothes here. Bottom line- Know your sale days!

2. Church Rummage sales

ways to find cheap clothing inventory for eBay and poshmark

Church rummage sales have always been one of my favorite places to find cheap clothing inventory, especially on bag sale days. Many people in the community donate their clothing to the local churches, so be sure to research the neighborhoods they are in as a clue to what you may find. Keep an eye on your local newspaper and community flyers for upcoming sales.

3. eBay- cheap clothing inventory and wholesale lots

Yes, you can really find cheap clothing inventory on eBay! Many people list things without researching their value first, and as a result they put low ‘buy it now’ prices on them. This is where you can step in and buy the item for less and then resell. To do this, search for a certain brand you are wanting to sell and sort by lowest first. Make sure you have ‘buy it now’ checked or else you will get auctions mixed in with your search results.

4. Friends and Family- possibly FREE and cheap clothing inventory

Friends and family can be a great source of obtaining cheap clothing inventory. If you have some stylish friends or family members, mention to them that you would buy clothing from them if they are looking to clean out their closet. Sometimes they’ll just give you a bag of stuff that they were going to donate anyway. Don’ be afraid to reach out!

5. Craigslist/Local Facebook resell groups

Craigslist and local Facebook groups are excellent ways of finding cheap clothing inventory. Check the clothing section of craigslist or use keywords of items you’re looking for to find results. I once found a 200 piece lot of flax for $100, talk about profit! Facebook also has many local reselling groups. Search for them on Facebook using keywords such as “(your town) buy and sell”, etc.

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