5 Category Ideas to Start with for your Reselling Business

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5 Category Ideas to Start with for your Reselling Business


In one of our recent blogs, we talked about the frequently asked questions of a first-time reseller. You’ve set up your store, maybe even got a few people to subscribe to your mailing list and like your Facebook page. But what if you are not getting the amount of sales that you anticipated? Is it okay to add other product categories to your inventory? The answer is yes! If you are confident enough that you can sell those products, then you should definitely go for it. Just make sure to conduct a survey to check if your market is interested on new categories so you can save time and effort in the long run.


You can start with these 5 product categories if you want to offer new products or if you want to expand your current offerings.

1. Gardening Supplies


In a recent study conducted by Reuters, there has been a reported increase in people who acquired gardening as a skill or hobby during the onset of the stay-at-home orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “People around the world are turning to gardening as a soothing, family friendly hobby that also eases concerns over food security as lockdowns slow the harvesting and distribution of some crops. Fruit and vegetable seed sales are jumping worldwide.”, said their article.


Just by this reason alone, you can hop on to the trend and sell something that people needs for their gardening hobby.

 2. Gadgets and Electronics Accessories

This is also one of the fool-proof things to sell online. Especially with home-schooling and work-from-home schemed that we have adopted, gadgets and electronic accessories can easily be sold online without the need for extensive research. Phone cases, chargers, and stands are just one of the few things that you can sell under this category


3. Handmade Crafts

Arts and craft items are also becoming more popular nowadays. People have done everything they can possibly think of just to ease their boredom while at home. From home workouts to gardening, people are now turning to arts and crafts! If you are personally making your very own handicrafts, might as well just sell them too! Who knows, you might just be able to land a few clients and have your very own brand


4. Clothing and Apparel

You can still sub-categorize clothing and apparel into several segments. You can sell only women and men’s clothing. You can also offer women’s junior clothing which caters to teens and young adults or women’s plus size, which caters to ladies with a larger figure. Aside from that, you can also offer swimwear, sleep wear, active wear, and so much more!


5. Pet Supplies

Pets have helped many people around the world cope with depression and anxiety. They can definitely help with loneliness and improve mental health. That’s why more people are getting or adopting pets, not because they are super cute, but because they give more benefits than we can ever imagine! With this, pet supplies have seen an increase in demand, from dog leashes, cat litter, carrying bags, and even raincoats, people are constantly in the lookout for the most unique and stylish way to accessorize their beloved furry friend.

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