4 Online Selling Platforms you might want to try (aside from Amazon and eBay!)

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4 Online Selling Platforms you might want to try (aside from Amazon and eBay!)


We’ve mentioned before that Online Selling is the New Normal, and true enough, online selling giant Amazon has been getting about 4,000 sales per minute according to a 2019 study by Oberlo. That’s no surprise because Amazon has over 150 million mobile users! “Amazon leads the ranking of the most popular shopping apps in the United States. 150.6 million mobile users accessed the Amazon app in September 2019 (Statista, 2019)”, according to Oberlo.

It’s competitor, eBay, has a great number of worldwide users as well, amounting to 182 million! And since eBay has such a broad reach, users are resorting to listing promotions in order to endorse their products to users more efficiently. “As it stands, more than 940,000 sellers are using eBay’s “promoted listings” feature on over 250 million listings (eBay, 2019). This helps sellers to boost their listings’ visibility and consequently, sales.”, said Oberlo in their infographic study.

These facts are useful and daunting at the same time especially if you are just starting out as an online retailer. Imaging being the small fish in an ocean full of sharks and whales. You’d be eaten alive! You’re just staring out and don’t have enough resources to get into pain promotions yet, and your store wouldn’t gain as much exposure as you’re expecting. Why don’t you try getting into smaller and niche-focused online selling platforms?

Here are 4 smaller platforms where you can sell your items aside from Amazon and eBay!

  1. Vinted – Vinted started in the year 2008 when founder Milda wanted to get rid of clothes that she didn’t want anymore, sort of like decluttering. This online selling platform mainly focuses on pre-loved or second-hand fashion items, such as clothes, footwear, and accessories. It has a more “homey” approach to listings, making customers come back for a second or third time.


  1. ThredUp – unlike Vinted, ThredUp’s initial mission was to sell kid’s clothes, and women’s clothes as well. It was in year 2009 when founder James Reinhart brought ThredUp into existence. How does this work? An individual would send their used clothing items to ThredUp for the to sell online. ThredUp will handle shipping, packing, and quality control to make sure that the ites are still in good condition despite being pre-loved. Today, his platform has sold over 65 million items while giving a certain percentage back to the items’original owners.


  1. Poshmark – If you think of an online thrift shop, it would be Poshmark. This is a staple name in every reseller’s selling channels. It’s user-friendly application interface makes online shopping easier and more fun. It’s just like browsing on Instagram! Founder Manish Chandra made sure that this strategic approach is accomplished especially when the iPhone 4 was launched in the year 2010. “Initially my pitch was “If women are willing to sell on the phone, then women should be able to buy on the phone.” So we only built an iPhone app, we didn’t have anything else, we didn’t have a website, and that turned out to be a good bet.”, he said in an interview.

4. Bonanza – despite being a new player in the game, Bonanza has been named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of 2016 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. Unlike previously mentioned online selling platforms, Bonanza caters to more product categories such as health & beauty, home goods, art & collectibles, and more.

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