10 Things to Do if your Items Aren’t Selling – Part 2

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10 Things to Do if your Items Aren’t Selling – Part 2

On the last blog we tackle the, first 5 tips on what to do when your items aren’t selling. Now let’s discover 5 more tips so you can adjust your strategies accordingly.

6. Observe the Competition

You don't necessarily have to stick your nose up your competition all the time. All you have to do is take a look at the photos of their postings, take a look at how they do their listings, take notes on how they write their captions, and on what times of the day they are posting their products on online marketplaces. Just like what they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. When you observe your competition, you can adjust your strategies accordingly and somehow get more inspiration on how you can optimize your product listing online in order to get viewers and customers.

7. Be more active

Being an online entrepreneur or business owner requires a huge amount of effort and time. Because you're dealing with customers all around the nation, it's best for you to be more active and interact with your customers more. Reply to their messages in a timely manner, talk with them and ask for their feedback. Engage them with some conversation. This way, they will be more enticed to interact with your business. If they have questions or inquiries regarding your products, respond to them in a positive manner. Let them know that you're always there to answer questions if necessary.


8. Advertise on social media

You're in the online world so you'd have to learn how to run campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you're not familiar with these platforms yet, don't worry there are a lot of online tutorials the internet that teaches you step-by-step guides on how to formulate and generate online campaigns. This is a no-brainer since almost everyone is on social media so that's where your customers probably are and you should be present there. Ever wondered how Facebook shows you advertisements of items or products that you were just chatting about with your friend? That's how Facebook algorithm works. Take advantage of this tool to promote your business or products online.


9. Reprice your Items.

We have mentioned before that having a sale or promo can help you sell items quickly on part 1 of this blog. This technique is slightly different in the sense that you will have to permanently mark down on the items that you are selling. Unlike having a promo or sale wherein you will only have to reduce the prices at a certain time frame, in this technique, you are permanently lowering or decreasing the price of your items. But just like we have mentioned before, make sure that you will be able to handle the decrease in profits at you will be getting when you apply the strategy.


10. Let it be.

In business, not just in online marketplaces, you have to understand that there are really certain times within the year that you will be getting less sales compared to other times. For example, people are more inclined to spend money during Christmas season. This is because on the culture of gift giving and being generous on Christmas time. This is also the time when employees and workers are getting their Christmas bonuses from their companies so they have more money to spend. On the other hand, there are months where people aren't really buying anything because there's no particular holiday or celebration within that season. When you are experiencing a decrease in sales during dead months, it's best for you to simply just ride it out and wait for the demand to pick up again. When this happens combine strategies that we have mentioned above and what your business get more sales.


What about you? What strategies do you take when having a sales slump? Share them below!

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