10 Things to Do if your Items Aren’t Selling – Part 1

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10 Things to Do if your Items Aren’t Selling – Part 1


We’ve all been there. You’ve applied all best practices you know, read a lot of blogs, watched countless videos on how to increase sales. Yet, you still aren’t getting any sales. Aren’t you doing enough. Waiting for that sales notification can be frustrating.


Here’s 10 things to do when your items aren’t selling:

1. Have a sale/promo.

This will be the first thing that you would be thinking, to host a sale or have some sort of discount. Well, you’re right and wrong at the same time. First, assess your business’ finances first. Having a discount or putting items on sale will definitely lessen your possible earnings. But if you can afford to lose some or accept the fact that you will be getting less profit, then go ahead and slash some from your prices.


The best person that can answer this is you.

 2. Partner with influencers in your industry.

Today, influencers are a great way to show yourself out there and get some attention. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they would want to partner with you, erven just for a single photo or video posting. They can even just mention your business in one of their Instagram stories! Just be prepared and willing to give them a little token of appreciation!


3. Repost your listing.

As simple as it sounds, sometimes you just have to repot your online listing! Older listings get pushed to the very back, especially when you have a lot of items posted or if you are selling on a highly saturated marketplace.


 4. Improve your photos.

We’ve mentioned in one of our blogs them importance of a good and attracting photos. This is the very first thing that customers will look at, so give more effort into your photos. Look at some inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and apply the styling to your own photos. If you’re selling other items aside from clothing goods, simply make sure to capture and showcase the best features of the item you are selling.


 5. Brainstorm catchy keywords

Copywriting is one of the best skills that you can learn nowadays. It’s the skill of using creative and compelling words which attracts customers or viewers. Think of it as implicitly luring your customers into viewing and purchasing the item that you are selling.

Don’t just use empty adjectives like “very beautiful”, “incredible”, “gorgeous” and other generic adjectives to describe your item. Copywriting shows that you are familiar with you market and you know what people are looking for.


The next 5 tips will be HOT! Stay tuned on Friday! Comment below if you want to share your tips!

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