10 Biggest Reselling Mistakes you might be doing – PART 1

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10 Biggest Reselling Mistakes you might be doing – PART 1

Whether you are an experienced reseller or a rookie, chances are you might be doing some of the biggest reselling mistakes that we will be talking about in this blog. Read on and see what points you might be doing.

 1. Not promoting enough.

This applies to both physical businesses and online stores. Promoting your business or product is a key factor in any business across all industries. You want to be seen across all platforms as much as possible in order for people to know what service or products you are offering

2. Over promoting.

Anything that you may be doing in excess may yield negative results for your business. When you are over promoting your product, customers might get tired of seeing your advertisements over and over again. Try to layout only on specific days of the week. There are numerous marketing guides on the internet that you can follow to apply this technique.

3. Having an unorganized inventory.

We cannot stress this enough. As a reseller, you are responsible for keeping your inventory as organized and tidy as possible. This is for you to avoid confusion when fulfilling an order.  Read this article to learn efficient inventory management practices that you can apply on your business.

4. Neglecting your customers.

Your customers are the heart of your business. They keep your business alive, and most importantly, they give you sales! However, the sales process not only ends once you fulfill an order. Establish a relationship and build rapport with your customers by engaging them into some conversation in order to know their interests. Even if they have ordered from you once or multiple times, an established relationship with your customers gives them the assurance that you are committed to provide good customer service.

5. Not knowing your products.

As the seller, you must be the first customer of the product that you are offering. Selling doesn't only require selling products but also being familiar with what products you are actually offering. Imagine the shame that you might get when your customer knows more about your products than you know. Take some time to learn about the smallest details of your products before selling them so the next time a customer asks, you won't be running around like a headless chicken trying to give an answer to their questions.

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