Order: Men's apparel 77 units

"I just wanted to let you know, I got my shipment today. I am so impressed with the quality of items I received! I am not sure how many thanks you get in a day, but I wanted you to know that  I am so incredibly grateful for this lot. Have a wonderful day!"

Erin Revey

Order: Women's apparel 485 units

"Great products and customer service."

Travis Richards

Orders: 1. T@RGET Health & Beauty - 63 Units, Shelf Pulls

2. T@RGET Halo Baby Sleepsack, 25 Units, Shelf Pulls

This was my second order from Honcho Wholesale and I have been nothing but please. The items are always in pristine condition, packed nicely, and an amazing deal. Can't wait to purchase my next lot!


Orders: 1. Women's Apparel 25 units, 2. Men's Regular, Big and Tall Apparel

Extremely happy with the excellent quality and fast shipping.  I have tried other liqidators and YOU are NUMBER 1!

Patricia Bottino

Order: Women’s Apparel 35 Units

I was so excited to receive my shipment and when I opened the box and saw what was inside I can’t describe how even more excited I was. Everything was beyond what I could have imagined. Such great quality and an amazing selection.

I look forward to placing my next order.